Newspaper Column: Stalemate at Reston Association?




Nicoson, William J.

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The results of last month’s election of directors for three seats on the Reston Association board may move RA closer to stalemate on a range of critical issues due for resolution this year. Before the election, the voting record of 6 board members generally supported principles of the Alliance for a Better Community (ABC), favoring initiatives designed to improve the quality and accessibility of RA assets (such as winterizing the Nature House, closing missing pathway links and protecting streams and lakes from erosion). The record of 2 others, Vera Hannigan and Glen Downing, supported the “V” principle (“V” for Vera Victorious), opposing anything that costs money, even when RA members aren’t paying. One director, Donn Dears, has been a swing vote.


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Reston (Va.), Reston (VA) Association (RA), Board of Directors (Reston Association), Nature House, Alliance for a Better Community (ABC)