A Case Study of Community Colleges that Require Academic Advising




Thimblin, Alison L.

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As community colleges shift their focus from access to success, academic advising is being recognized as a process that is influential on student success. Interventions including elements of prescriptive, developmental and intrusive advising have been put in place at a number of community colleges, with success measured in terms of retention. Community colleges are faced with resource challenges and many find it difficult to incorporate academic advising successfully. This dissertation is a case study of very large, multi-campus community colleges that require advising, in an effort to describe how the institutions are able to require advising and the challenges the institutions face to make this requirement successful. Data was obtained from interviews, observations, and documents and was analyzed using the organizational theory of Bolman and Deal. The findings are relevant to community colleges.



Community college education, Higher education, Academic advising, Advising, Required advising, Retention, Student success