Performing Under Pressure: Physiological and Psychological Attributes of the Modern Soccer Official



O'Reilly, Sarah K

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This thesis describes the physiological and psychological attributes that affect modern soccer officials and how they relate and affect referees both on and off the field. The study uses a sequential, mixed methods design that has two sections that have quantitative and qualitative components. Using statistical analysis, the results of the quantitative analysis will aim to reveal if one attribute, physical or psychological, weighs more heavily over the other for the referees. The second stage of the design contains questions that allow the participants to answer in a free-response setting identification of any subthemes that did not emerge throughout the literature review. These questions aim to investigate further the themes that were presented throughout the literature review and discover any additional subthemes that pertain to answering four research questions. Analysis of the data revealed that psychological attributes outweigh the physiological attributes but that the population of Grade 6, 5, 4, and Emeritus referees hold both attributes to be of vital importance in order to be successful at the higher levels.



Referee, Physiological, Psychological, Anxieties in sport, Soccer