Irregular Migration, EU Policies and the Migration-Development Nexus: The case of Assisted Voluntary Return in Malta




Bugre, Marcelle

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The background of this thesis is the context of irregular migration from Africa to Europe, which is especially affecting Malta because of its geographical location and its small size. The thesis focuses on the push factors of migration which are related to development, and on exploring whether the concept of Assisted Voluntary Return is an effective tool in the integrated European Union policy approach to migration and development. A policy analysis is conducted through a literature and document review, together with a research analysis on the experience and perception of Ghanaian migrants, experts and returnees on the effectiveness of Assisted Voluntary Return programmes. Interviews conducted with migration experts and service providers from key organizations in Malta are used to explore factors determining the success and sustainability of return, and the effectiveness of Assisted Voluntary Return programmes.



Migration, Assisted Voluntary Return (AVR), Malta, Africa