Evaluation of Intervention Programs Designed to Address High School Racial Conflicts




St. Jean, Gerardine

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This dissertation research examines racial conflict—one of the contributors to school violence—and effective intervention programs. This dissertation study presents research-and theory-based integrated intervention programs (a synthesized program with conflict resolution and multicultural components) as an effective resolution to high school racial conflicts. Some schools in the United States have created a database that lists effective intervention programs for specific school problems, but most of the programs only deal with general violence and violence related to substance abuse—none identify effective approaches to racial conflicts at schools. This dissertation research is a unique first step to look at effective techniques and identify appropriate programs to deal with racial conflicts to these databases. It tests the following hypotheses: 1 Educational intervention programs that encompass assimilated multicultural and conflict resolution training contents (integrated programs) in its integrated lessons are more effective at impacting the reduction of racial incidents at high schools. 2 High schools that do not utilize intervention programs with a combination of multicultural and conflict resolution training contents but only rely on strict policies and practices (e.g., laws and rigid discipline) are most effective at reducing the number of racial incidents in high schools. Lastly, the dissertation study describes the development of a model that schools can use to assess their needs and determine steps to implement a suitable intervention program. This research project is a summative evaluation study that uses multiple methods (survey, experiment, and case study) and encompasses a selection of high schools in Pennsylvania that meet the criteria of the study. Principals, teachers, and parents from selected schools are the key participants in the study.



Racial conflict, Interventions, Violence, High school, Racial tension, Evaluation