Dissertation: "Complexity: A Cognitive Barrier to Defense Systems Aquisition Management." August 1999




Perino, George

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This research effort proceeded from the presumption that complexity is a matter of perspective; it resides within the observer, not the issue under investigations It is the observer's inability to grasp the interplay of multiple factors and events that lead to the perception that problems. issues or systems are "complex." The researcher sought to find answers to the following questions: Are members of the defense systems acquisition workforce prepared to meet the demands of complexity? Study participants included highly schooled engineering- and management-orientated government employees responsible for the acquisition and life-cycle support of large-scale socio-technical defense systems costing billions of taxpayer dollars. These individuals were attending an intensive 14-week course in systems acquisition managmente at the Defense Systems Management College (DSMC). The college is considered to be the premier center for learning about management principles and the Department of Defense systems acquisition process. John N. Warfield Collection 37.28


Manuscript: typescript with tables and figures, 178 pgs. 8.5" x 11" (21.59 cm x 27.94 cm)


Complexity, Cognitive blind-spots, Cognitive overlaod, Killer assumptions, Demands of complexity, Emergent systems, Linear thinking, Systems science, Systems thinking, Problematic situations, Periono, George H., Warfield, John N., Defense Systems Management College (DSMC)