The Effects of Using the CrossFit Kids Program on Academics and Fitness




Moran, Kate Perkins

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The purpose of this study was to investigate the functional relation of the CrossFit Kids (CFK) program to an increase in level and slope of academic engagement, working memory, time-on-task, and overall physical fitness with four elementary level students with disabilities. The four participants were all students at an elementary school with varying levels of physical fitness, and none of the participants had any experience with the CFK program. The intervention was introduced in a multiple baseline single-subject research design across the participants. The CFK program was implemented as a part of an after school club that contained 10 other same aged students without identified disabilities. Prior to the implementation of the CFK program, baseline data was collected for physical fitness as well as time-on-task variables for a minimum of five sessions for each participant. Dependent Measures for this study included academic engagement, working memory, time-on-task, and physical fitness. Time-on-task was measured through observation in one of the participant's academic classes, which occurred the following day after the intervention, using an iOS application. Other relevant data was collected through three different pre and posttest measures. Academic Engagement was measured using the Research Assessment Package for Schools (RAPS) questionnaire. Working memory was measured using the Test of Memory and Learning, 2nd Edition (TOMAL-2). Finally, this study measured the change in physical fitness of the participants using three different physical fitness movements: burpees, sit-ups, and jumping rope (singles). A qualitative interview was conducted after the intervention, to participants, three teachers, and one parent to provide insight on the social validity and implementation of the study. Visual analysis including the inspection of the trend, level, variability, overlap, immediacy of effect, and consistency was completed after the data collection to ascertain any correlation to an increase in performance as a result of the treatment.



Special education, Elementary education, Behavior, Crossfit, Elementary education, Fitness, Memory, Special education