During and Post-exercise Effects of Accentuated Eccentric Loading



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This dissertation evaluates the acute effects of an accentuated eccentric loading (AEL) repetition on subsequent back squat and bench press kinetics and kinematics (during both the concentric and eccentric phases) while using various concentric loads. The second purpose of this series of studies was to investigate post-exercise responses to AEL, to allow a better understanding for implementing AEL in resistance-training programs. Overall, the findings indicate that the effectiveness of AEL for increasing concentric movement velocity and power is dependent upon the exercise, concentric loads used, and velocity of the eccentric action. Other influential factors may include whether or not the AEL loading alters mechanics during the movement and the resistance training status of the individual. Utilizing this strategy, however, did not result in further exercise-induced muscle damage. Thus, AEL may be a modality to increase eccentric intensity without undue harm or necessary altercations to program design.