The Impact of Cyber Espionage: Changing Perceptions with the US vis-a-vis the Transatlantic




Patton, Cliffard A

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This thesis describes an international impact of cyber espionage with an emphasis on the United States of America and its National Security Agency's clandestine tactics among its Western allies in the Transatlantic region. The National Security Agency's covert operations had came to world attention, through the media, when various tactics of mass surveillance had become public in June 2013. Which was consequentially followed by other revelations on later dates. The US had acknowledged there is much more information still in the hands of a former agent, which could lead to more international difficulties. In the process of researching and writing this thesis, the author conducted a literature search and reviews internal documents, literature reviews, news articles etc. This thesis is in fulfillment for a graduate course on conflict analysis and resolution/conflict resolution and Mediterranean security.



Espionage, Electronic surveillance, International law, Spying, Cyber espionage, Conflict resolution