Searching for Integrity in our Research and Practice




Kosnik, Clare
Freese, Anne
Samaras, Anastasia P.

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We are three teacher educators practicing selfstudy and reflecting on its value to our students while also exchanging our reflections with each other. As with artists who come together in schools of study in both individual and joint exploration, we hope that our collaborative inquiry will shed new light on our thinking and research in teacher education program reform efforts. Our intimacy and collaborative exchanges allowed us each to think more deeply about the personal as part of a community of self-study scholars. We are at a critical point in our careers where we strive for ethical and moral integrity in our research to practice efforts as we reflect and study our own teaching to better serve as a role model to our students. For a decade we have redesigned our teacher education programs. Although we do not work in the same university, each of us has tried to develop our research agenda based on a certain set of beliefs. To what degree has our research made a difference in our students’ learning? What challenges and changes are similar and dissimilar across our programs? Each of us is involved in teaching, administration, selfstudy, and the development of innovative programs. How have we changed our teaching to be congruent with the program goals?



Self-study, Education