Multiprocessor Stereoscopic Visualization System for Images, Video and High Dimensional Data




King, Roger Duane

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Humans visualize information in three dimensions and use a stereoscopic system for depth cues. This visualization system uses LCD projectors to create a three dimensional data visualization system. Each of two projectors use a polarizing filter to isolate its image to one eye or the other of a human viewer wearing simple glasses with corresponding polarizing filters. The two projectors are aligned and display an image in the same space on a lenticular screen. Each projector is driven by a computer. The display computers are controlled by a separate system which provides for all user interaction. This visualization system is able to present three dimensional images stored in a number of formats to the user. The visualization system is also able to display multidimensional data to the user in parallel coordinates or within a Cartesian Coordinates framework.



Computer graphics, 3D visualization, Stereoscopic computer graphics, 3D stereo