On using meta-modeling and multi-modeling to address complex problems




Abu Jbara, Ahmed

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Models, created using different modeling techniques, usually serve different purposes and provide unique insights. While each modeling technique might be capable of answering specific questions, complex problems require multiple models interoperating to complement/supplement each other; we call this Multi-Modeling. To address the syntactic and semantic challenges of this multi-modeling approach for solving complex problems, a systematic methodology for developing multi-modeling workflows is presented. The approach is domain specific: Identification of the domain and the supporting modeling techniques is the first step. Then a Domain Specific Multi-Modeling Workflow Language (DSMWL), supported by a Domain Ontology, is developed and then used to construct workflows that capture interoperations between various models. The domain ontology provides semantic guidance to effect valid model interoperation. The approach is illustrated using a case study from the Drug Interdiction and Intelligence



Information technology, Engineering, Computer science, Meta-Modeling, Modeling and Simulation, Multi-Modeling, Semantic Guidance