The Effects of Participating in a Video Club on Novice Teachers' Development




Repass, Michele Renea

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The purpose of this study was to investigate how participating in a video club affected novice teachers' development. The participants were five first-year elementary teachers, four females and one male, working in the same school system on the east coast. These teachers completed a pre- and post-analysis of a videotaped math lesson; allowed the researcher to videotape math lessons in their classrooms; participated in video club meetings; and completed an exit interview. Transcripts from the meetings and the exit interviews were analyzed and findings for each participant were reported. A cross-case analysis was also conducted to identify similarities and differences across the individual cases. Major findings from the study indicate that these teachers developed in several significant ways including: recognizing aspects of their teaching they could change; realizing the value of videotaping themselves and reflecting on their teaching; and recognizing that they could learn from and help each other. However, the findings also xiv indicated that novices need time to be novices. The study was not as effective at trying to accelerate their development in areas such as noticing and interpreting student thinking. The results of the study suggest that future research on novice teachers and video clubs needs to include more participants, focus on other curriculum areas, and last longer than one semester.



Teacher education, Education, Elementary teachers, Novice teachers, Teacher development, Video clubs, Videotaped math lessons