Why the European Union Has Not Been Successfully Able to Integrate Syria in the Euro-Med Process?




Lacitignola, Luca

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This thesis describes the relations between the European Union and Syria in the context of the Euro-Med Process. The relations between the two agents cannot be extrapolated from a complex and difficult context which concerns the relations between North-South Mediterranean and the evolving political and economic disparities. This thesis considers also the relevance of the making process of the Euro-Med Institutions, together with the active role of the European Union and its Member States in financing numerous programs and projects in order to empower the economic development of the Northern Mediterranean States. Thus, a particular case is dedicated to Syria together with its political complexities and the difficult relations with its neighboring States, such as Turkey, Jordan and Israel. The thesis aims to highlight the challenges which the European Union faced in order to integrate Syria in the Euro-Med Process, despite the special partnership of Syria with Russia and Iran.



Syria, European Union, Assad, Turkey, Lebanon