Factors Related to Student Achievement in Mathematics and Comparison of the U.S. with Other Countries: A Study Based on TIMSS 2007 Report




Patnam, Venkata Subbaiah

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A purpose of this study was to explore the inter-relations among eighth grade mathematics student achievements in the content domains of Number, Algebra, Geometry, and Data & Chance and the cognitive domains of Knowing, Applying, and Reasoning, in the context of the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS), 2007. A second purpose was to find the associations between student achievements in the cognitive domains with student-related, teacher-related, school-related, and home-related variables. The variables were selected mainly on the basis of Carroll's model of school learning. Further, the math achievement of the students of the United States in each of the domains was compared with Bulgaria, Chinese Taipei, Republic of Korea, Singapore, and Thailand. After analysis, interpretations were made on the findings of the relationships among student achievements in each of the content and cognitive domains and also on the associations between variables and math achievement in the four content domains. Further, comparative performance of the U.S. with each of the five selected countries in each of the seven domains was analyzed.



Mathematics education, Educational evaluation, Middle school education, Comparison of U.S.in Mathematics, Eighth Grade Mathematics, Math Achievement Factors, Mathematics Education, Student Achievement, TIMSS 2007