Where Do We Go from Here



Burke, Rebecca

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Openly gay Elaine Owens is a survivor of a car accident that killed both her parents. She relives the accident in her sleep and every time she gets in a car, until, amidst a panic attack, she almost jumps from her aunt’s car. Her aunt implores her to seek treatment, insisting that her flashbacks and panic aren’t something Elaine has to solider through. Admitted after a failed suicide attempt, Avery Monroe has been at Maple Grove three months when Elaine arrives. Labelled nonresponsive to treatment, Avery’s memories of childhood sexual abuse begin to resurface in fragments after her parents threaten to move her to another treatment center. When she witnesses the homophobic responses of fellow patients to Elaine’s sexuality, Avery offers the two things she can—quiet friendship and help with Elaine’s pre-calc homework. Weeks later, when a volatile new patient comes to Maple Grove, Avery and Elaine are each pushed to confront elements of their trauma that have remained inaccessibly until now. Told in alternating chapters between Elaine’s and Avery’s perspectives, WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE is an exploration of queerness, trauma, recovery, and what the privilege of quality mental healthcare can afford to those who so desperately need it.


This thesis has been embargoed for 10 years and will not be available until April 2031 at the earliest.


Fiction, Novel, Post-traumatic stress, Mental health