Dietary Supplement Use in Transmasculine Spectrum Populations



Kalman-Rome, Eli

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Introduction: There are currently no dietary guidelines for the transgender community, and very little is known about the specific nutritional needs of this population. Previous studies suggest that transmasculine spectrum individuals may use dietary supplements in a way different from the general population due to cross-sex hormone therapy, struggles with gender dysphoria, and other elements of transitioning. Objective: To learn how the transmasculine spectrum population differs in its use of dietary supplements by comparing survey reports to the NHANES, 2007-2010 dataset. Methods: Forty-eight participants completed an online survey detailing their dietary supplement use and demographic information so that general trends could be determined. Findings: The rates of supplement use in the sample were significantly higher than the general population and although the participants reported good access to healthcare, the supplements were relied on heavily for overall wellness, specific complaints, and especially mental health. Medical transition status did not mitigate supplement use. There was no relationship between dietary supplement use and BMI or dietary supplement use and income. Conclusion: The transmasculine spectrum population uses dietary supplements in unique ways from the general U.S. population, and further research must be conducted to better understand how to provide proper nutritional guidance to transmasculine spectrum individuals.



Dietary, Transgender, Transmasculine, Nutrition