Personal Change and Political Action: The Intersection of Conflict Resolution and Social Mobilization Movement in a Middle East Dialogue Group




Hubbard, Amy S.

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School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution


“This working paper is based on a six-year participant observation study of a U.S.-based grassroots dialogue group of Palestinians and Jews and other Americans. It compares the grassroots dialogue group experience in the United States to problem solving workshops between Israelis and Palestinians aimed at change on a diplomatic level. It describes and analyses the special challenges dialogue groups face in building a social movement based on mutual reconciliation between Palestinians and Jews in the United States. Finally, it suggests we look more closely at the interrelationship between conflict resolution and social movement mobilization in order to understand how community groups expand their power base. This project was supported by grants from the Syracuse University Senate Research Fund and the Syracuse University Roscoe Martin Fund. The author also thanks the Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution for providing important office and technical support for the project.”