Teaching with Data in the Social Sciences at George Mason University




Mann, Wendy
MacVaugh, Kim
Spitler, Jasmine
Lee, Andrew

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The Teaching with Data in the Social Sciences project focused on undergraduate courses and is based on the idea that “instructors in the social sciences need support in locating appropriate datasets and identifying tools to help students manipulate, understand, and visualize data.” Understanding the importance of teaching with data, and the number of students that the University Libraries support in these classes, George Mason University Libraries signed on with Ithaka S+R (Ithaka) as a partner institution for this study. With guidance from Ithaka, four faculty in the University Libraries, the study authors, interviewed instructors teaching undergraduate, data-intensive courses in the social sciences to identify their needs, challenges, and teaching practices. This qualitative study was carried out in tandem with nineteen other research universities in the United States. A final, national report summarizing results from all twenty participating universities will be published by Ithaka S+R in 2022.


The final report and the accompanying Executive Summary are included in this submission.


Data literacy, Data pedagogy, Teaching data


Mann, Wendy, Kim MacVaugh, Jasmine Spitler, and Andrew Lee. Teaching with Data in the Social Sciences at George Mason University. Fairfax, VA. October 1, 2021.