Intelligent agent for designing steel skeleton structures of tall buildings




Skolicki, Zbigniew
Kicinger, Rafal P.

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The paper discusses a study on the application of intelligent agents (IAs) to conceptual designing. It provides an overview of the state-of-the-art in the areas of ontologies and IAs. Next, the system Disciple, a learning intelligent agent shell, and the system Inventor 2001, evolutionary design support tool, both developed at George Mason University, are briefly presented. Further, the paper introduces the developed ontology for a class of steel skeleton structures of tall buildings. This ontology was used to build an IA for the selection of initial parent design concepts in evolutionary designing. A description of the developed agent is provided as well. Finally, examples of design concepts proposed by the agent are presented. The paper also contains conclusions and recommendations for further research.




Skolicki, Z., and Kicinger, R. (2002). "Intelligent agent for designing steel skeleton structures of tall buildings." Computing in Civil Engineering. Proceedings of the International Workshop on Information Technology in Civil Engineering, Washington, DC, November 2-3, 2002, A. D. Songer and J. C. Miles, eds., Reston, VA, 25-35.