Lesson Study as an Induction Tool for Novice Teachers’ Performance




Arditi, Orit

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The purpose of this study is (a) to examine the role of the lesson study as an induction program that would promote retentions for novice teachers through structured learning-communities, and (b) to explore the elements of the lesson study that made a positive impression on novices and experienced teachers. A mixed methods design was used to explore the following research questions: Are there any differences between experienced and novice teachers’ perceptions of professional learning, collegial learning effectiveness, expectations for student achievement, and their ability to promoting student thinking?; and What elements of the lesson study process and what types of interactions that occur between novice and experienced teachers over the course of the lesson study cycle contributed to the learning and personal growth of the teachers? Teachers were asked to respond to a number of surveys regarding their perceived collegial learning effectiveness; expectations for student achievement; and using and promoting student thinking. Teachers’ written reflections and videotapes documenting the lesson study meetings of two groups of mixed teachers – novices and experienced – were collected. Results showed no statistically significant differences between the novices and experienced teachers in all variables. A qualitative analysis of the videotapes revealed that the elements of the lesson study that might have affected the two groups were the dynamics between teachers in the groups and the learning opportunities for both novice and experienced teachers. These findings suggest that both novice and experienced teachers may benefit from the lesson study process. Limitations and educational implications are discussed.



Lesson study, Experienced teachers, Induction, Educational reform, Novice teachers, Professional development