GEWEX Quarterly, Vol. 31, No. 1




Stephens, Graeme
van Oevelen, Peter
Gupta, Hoshin
Maddock, Thomas III
Zeng, Xubin
Redelsperger, Jean-Luc
Couvreux, Fleur
Bouniol, Dominique
Hourdin, Frederic
Galarneau, Thomas J. Jr.

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This issue of GEWEX Quarterly contains the articles on the following: outgoing SSG Co-Chair Graeme Stephens shares new WCRP and GEWEX plans (commentary); 3rd Pan-GASS Meeting is rescheduled for 2022; New Co-Chairs for GHP and GLASS Panels; tributes to Peter Eagleson, Franco Einaudi, and Jim Shuttleworth; the science and contributions of Françoise Guichard; soil moisture conditions influence upstream circulation, affecting approaching hurricane's track; new Tibetan Plateau land surface processes data set; reviewing projects and assessments at the annual GDAP Meeting; GHP evaluates old and new activities at its 2020 meeting; and a workshop delves into convection-permitting modeling and its ability to improve our understanding of precipitation and aid in hazard assessment.


Convection-Permitting Modeling, GEWEX Hydroclimatology Panel Meeting, GHP, GEWEX Data and Analysis Panel Meeting, GDAP, Tibetan Plateau, Dataset, Data set, Soil Moisture, In Memoriam, GHP Co-Chair, GLASS Co-Chair