Afghanistan Fatigue: Diasporic Narrations of Conflict Memory and Political Mobilization



Ayazi, Mena

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With Afghanistan re-gaining headlines in the media as the United States Government and Taliban insurgency hammer out a peace deal, a spike in domestic immigrant politics, and a rise in global recognition of the power of transnational diaspora politics, there lies a timely significance in understanding the state of the Afghan diaspora. This thesis unpacks the political agency of the Afghan-American community by offering insights into the relationship between the narrations of conflict memory and diasporic understandings of political agency, particularly in the context of the Afghan-American diaspora. In the process of researching and writing this thesis, the author conducted individual life story interviews and participant observation. This thesis is slated to be a reference and resource for diaspora research and networks.



Diaspora, Afghanistan, Conflict memory, Diaspora politics, Afghan-American, Conflict-generated diaspora