Multi-channel Hardware/Software Codesign on a Software Radio Platform




Bales, Jason M.

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Software Defined Radios (SDRs) are growing in popularity in our increasingly multi- standard wireless world. As a result, platforms have been developed to provide powerful and flexible SDR implementations. These platforms tend towards a heterogeneous mix of software (SW) and hardware (HW) components, requiring HW/SW codesign to be an integral part of SDR development. Previous work in the area of SDR codesign has focused on finding optimal HW/SW partitions of a physical layer design that minimize the latency of a single channel. The purpose of this research is to provide a new focus for SDR codesign, that of multi-channel HW/SW codesign. These codesign efforts focus on maximizing the number of simultaneous transmission channels that can run on a codesign SDR platform. A method for deriving models that represent the HW/SW components and the interface between them is presented. The results of this method are general equations describing the HW/SW timing constraints for a multi-channel implementation. An application of the method and models is provided in a Codesign Decision Engine (CDE) that takes as inputs characteristics of a case-study platform, and outputs a predicted number for transmission channel capacity for both a baseline and improved impelmenation. The method and models are verified by actual application performance on the platform under test.



Codesign, Software, Radio, Multi-Channel, Interface, Utilization