Does Adjunct Faculty Status Vary By Institutional Setting?




Barrett, Katlin N

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This thesis investigates the Weberian concept of “status” by investigating any potential differences between Adjunct Faculty statuses based upon institutional settings. The institutional settings investigated include Two-Year, Four-Year, and For-Profit colleges and universities. This project is an exploration into the status measurements of class preparation times, number of classes worked per semester, as well as access to resources, as these factors are independent of income or what Weber calls “class”. Analysis found significant differences in the status and resources provided by institutional setting by the amount of time to prepare for classes, as well as access to resources. The specific resources that differ based upon an Adjunct Faculty’s (AF) status and institutional setting include parking, office space, telephones and curriculum guidelines. The goal of the project is to deepen understanding of Adjunct Faculty experiences and acknowledge the various settings that a contingent faculty may find themselves, as well as a be utilized in the transformation of part-time labor in higher education.



Adjunct faculty, Teaching resources, Higher education, Status, Institutional differences