Technology Leadership in Secondary Schools: Teachers' Responses to Administrators' Perspectives Regarding Vision, Roles, Actions and Barriers




Hall, Steven E.

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Information technology as an innovation has been readily adopted by students and society in general and is changing the way students think, play, and learn. Schools must prepare students for a world where technology is ubiquitous. While policy makers have made progress in providing teachers access to technology, this has not resulted in large changes in schools or teaching pedagogy. Instead, teachers adopt technology most often in ways that sustain direct instruction or automate administrative tasks. A number of barriers exist that negatively impact technology integration. Research demonstrates that administrators, as school leaders, can have a positive impact on the implementation of initiatives like technology integration but may lack the skills needed to lead where technology is concerned. While administrators are a key part of school culture and change, more research is needed with regard to how administrators impact teachers and technology integration.



Educational leadership, Educational technology, Secondary education, Barriers to technology, Education leadership, Promoting Technology, Technology Integration, Technology Role, Technology Vision