Management of the Brazilian Air Force's F-5M Fleet




Guedes, Felipe Bombarda

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This thesis describes an approach to manage the use of the Brazilian Air Force’s fleet of F-5M fighter aircraft during the period of 2014 to 2019. Until December 2010 Brazil had two types of supersonic fighter aircraft in its inventory, the F-5M and the Mirage 2000. In December 2013 the Brazilian government decided to retire the Mirage 2000 and substitute it with the Gripen NG. According to Brazilian Air Force’s announcement, the first Gripen NG will be delivered to Brazil at 2019, but the Mirage 2000 stopped flying at the end of 2013. Therefore the Brazilian Air Force is now at the beginning of a five-year period in which the F-5M will be the only supersonic Air Defense fighter aircraft in operation in Brazil. This thesis has the purpose to develop a model that assesses the Brazilian Air Force’s operational needs and capabilities regarding the F-5M and serves as a tool to guide decisions related to F-5M distribution and usage for the period of 2014 to 2019 in order to keep an adequate availability of aircraft in each Air Unit.



Logistics, Maintenance, Brazilian Air Force, Goal programming, Aircraft distribution, F-5