The Asian American Musical Experience: Teacher Perceptions through the Lens of Critical Race Theory



Van Keuren, Seika

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Asian American students have long been perceived as musically and academically gifted. However, recent studies have shown that stereotypes and discrimination impact the mental health, educational opportunities, and identities of these populations. Additionally, with music education’s history of appropriation of Asian culture and exclusion of Asian American voices, its imperative that the long held beliefs of Asian model minorities are dismantled. The purpose of this study was to identify whether music teachers undergo anti-racism training through their employment or education, and whether or not this training includes Asian American experiences. A survey was distributed to music educators (N=134) containing dichotomous questions and Likerttype statements on the topics of anti-racism training, general beliefs about racial issues, and beliefs on Asian American issues. Results indicated that while a majority of participants experience some level of anti-racism training, many continue to hold beliefs in line with colorblind discourse and model minority stereotypes towards the Asian American population.



Asian American, Critical Race Theory, Teacher perceptions, Education, Music education, Race