Summer Camp Staff Outcomes



Marshall, Janelle

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This thesis describes summer camp outcomes experienced by camp staff. Summer camps are a $15 billion dollar industry with more than 12,000 day and resident camps that welcome more than 11 million children and adult campers and more than 1,500,000 camp staff to work in various camp positions annually (American Camp Association, 2015). Summer camps provide a safe space, a supportive community, and a fun atmosphere for campers to learn and grow (Coleman, 2009). However, the full potential and power of the camp environment has yet to be recognized. Research and literature that focuses on summer camps, primarily looks at the value of camp for campers. Yet, summer camps provide staff members numerous growth opportunities as well. This study explored personal outcomes staff members experienced as a result of working at summer camp. This study found numerous significantly correlated personal growth categories among camp staff. Data collected indicates that young, new, counselors perceive the most growth from camp employment.



Summer camp, Camp staff, Camp counselor, Counselor outcomes, Summer camp outcomes, Benefits of camp