Educational Empowerment, Community Development and the Disadvantaged Case Study Analysis: The Informally Housed, Internally Displaced Community Population of Bogota, Colombia; South America




Rincon, Edgard Jason

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This thesis is a descriptive analysis of how specific governmental bodies and non state organizations in Bogotá, Colombia are working to further educational advancement and community development for the largest community populations of the internally displaced social group. Educational empowerment for the internally displaced is analyzed through an examination of literature and data underlying stated government provisions, specifically created for the protection of IDP rights in the educational social sector. Equal consideration is given to specific initiatives undertaken by non state actors to advance the access to and quality of education for the internally displaced. Community development in this thesis is defined by an analysis of the infrastructure, access to state funded institutional and economic support, as well as the relationship between established periphery host communities and the internally displaced living within those communities. This study is primarily a qualitative descriptive analysis of the internally displaced living in the periphery of the city of Bogotá, Colombia. Quantitative empirical research data is introduced as a supplement to the underlying objectives of this research, and when necessary to identify the indicators of participation of the internally displaced within the educational system. Recommendations for the educational advancement and community development of the internally displaced population of Bogotá are provided in light of research findings.



Education, Development, Displaced, Community, Colombia