Experiences Through a Lens: Exploring Effects of Transfer in a Youth Peacebuilding Initiative




Rose-Jensen, Sarah R.

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The current research is concerned with the effects of transfer in youth peacebuilding initiatives. Through examining one particular ICR effort, this thesis attempts to explore if transfer occurs and how youth participants transfer what they learn and practice in a short summer program into their adult lives, and sometimes, into a life-time of peacebuilding and intercultural work. Additionally, it calls into question the nature of just what is being transferred. Through the course of the research it became clear that the tangible outcomes – volunteer work, political activity, etc. – that the researcher was initially interested in were not what research respondents were interested in talking about. Instead, their responses frequently dwelt on internal, emotional changes. The research utilized a mixed methods case study approach, including an online questionnaire and interviews. Additionally, the researcher has worked for the program being studied, and so was able to incorporate insider observations and personal communications with research subjects. The research found that transfer does occur, though primarily in the form of changed views of self and participants relationship to the world. It found six primary themes that encapsulated the effects of transfer – personal connections and cultural experiences, self-learning and reflection, the uniqueness of the experience and inability to explain it, practicing for later, follow-up, and cumulative effects. As transfer in terms of internal changes is under theorized in youth peacebuilding, the research identities questions and avenues of exploration for future research.



Youth, Peacebuilding, Transfer, Interactive conflict resolution, Conflict resolution