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  • Miller, Holly (2023-05)
    The focus of this paper is the traditional lamplighter group L2 = (Z/2Z) wrZ and the broader class of lamplighter groups LG = Gwr Z, where G is a finite group. These groups have seen direct use in papers such as [7], in ...
  • Abyu, Getu Zewdie
    Ever since the tragic events of the 9/11 attacks in New York, global infrastructures have suffered significant damage caused by acts of terrorism, military strikes, and accidental explosions. Coastal regions and critical ...
  • van Oevelen, Peter; Guimond, Julia; International GEWEX Project Office; Attig Bahar, Faten; Gulizia, Carla; Rabanal, Valentina; YESS Executive Committee; Lettenmaier, Dennis; Sheffield, Justin; Pan, Ming; Ferguson, Craig; Kaye, Jack; Braun, Scott; Cauffman, Sandra; Huffman, George; Kirschbaum, Dalie; Piña, Aaron; Jakob, Christian; Bauer, Peter; Bony, Sandrine; Klocke, Daniel; Findell, Kirsten; Verhoef, Anne; Dominguez, Francina; Wan, Hui; Woodward, Carol S.; Samadi, Vidya; Prein, Andreas; Roundy, Joshua K.; Dominguez, Francina; Ward, Helen C.; Rotach, Mathias W.; TEAMx Coordination and Implementation Group; Purcell, Amanda; Melvin, April; Delle Monache, Luca; Ralph, F.M.; Boone, Aaron; Bellvert, Joaquim; Best, Martin; Brooke, Jennifer; Canut-Rocafort, Guylaine; Cuxart, Joan; Hartogensis, Oscar; Le Moigne, Patrick; Ramon Miró, Josep; Price, Jeremy; Quintana Seguí, Pere; Wooster, Martin; Sorooshian, Armin; Zeng, Xubin; Kleb, Mary; Ferrare, Richard; Hair, Johnathan; Vervoort, Fernande (International GEWEX Project Office, 2021-11)
  • Xubin, Zeng; Polcher, Jan; Guimond, Julia; Rabanal, Valentina; Gulizia, Carla; Attig Bahar, Faten; YESS Executive Committee; Stammer, Detlef; Cleugh, Helen; van der Wel, Narelle; Fowler, Hayley J.; Ohmura, Atsumu; Huffman, George J.; Unninayar, Sushel; Lawford, Richard; Gutierrez, Angelica; Wang, Minghuai; Rosenfeld, Daniel; Christensen, Matthew; Gettelman, Andrew; Jensen, Michael P.; Fan, Jiwen; Collis, Scott; Stier, Philip; Andreae, Meinrat O.; Feingold, Graham; van den Heever, Sue; Kahn, Ralph; Quaas, Johannes; Suzuki, Kentaroh; White, Bethan; Wood, Rob; Pomeroy, John; Schuster-Wallace, Corinne; Bigas, Harriet; DeBeer, Chris (International GEWEX Project Office, 2021-08)
  • Sosenski, Susana (2023-09)
    Historia de los miedos vinculados a la infancia: el secuestro infantil en México en el siglo XX
  • La Ira 
    Moscoso, Javier (2023-09)
    A discussion on the medical philosophy of passions and paeticularly on rage from 1750 to the end of the 19th century
  • Roselló Soberón, Estela (2023-09)
    Esta sesión busca hablar sobre la construcción histórica y cultural del sentimiento de vergüenza, así como de los significados que ésta ha tenido en diferentes momentos y circunstancias históricas. Habla, también, de las ...
  • Nostalgia 
    Garrocho Salcedo, Diego S. (2023-09)
    Panorámica histórica y filosófica de la experiencia nostálgica desde 1688 hasta nuestros días.

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