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Something Out of Nothing: A Conversation on Waste

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dc.contributor.advisor Feerick, Peggy Giron, Olivier
dc.creator Giron, Olivier 2012-07-27 2012-10-05T13:53:27Z NO_RESTRICTION en_US 2012-10-05T13:53:27Z 2012-10-05
dc.description.abstract Something Out of Nothing developed out of a growing curiosity to explore the margins between public and private space. The spaces that surround us can be defined through our relationship to the landscape. This definition goes beyond ephemeral property boundaries, and more in the direction of how we emotionally consider location, adjacencies, land use, ecology, and the architecture of a space. Certain cultural, economic, and legal designations exist to dictate what can happen in these spaces. These conditions dictate an individual’s behavior within the umbrella of society. The ambiguities within these fragmented spaces, however, create circumstances that allow individuals to act outside of what society expects. The work in Something Out of Nothing examines the cultural conditions that preface how we experience space by seeing what can happen when our connection to the landscape is severed and our behavior falls outside of the reach of society.
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.subject photography en_US
dc.subject ecological art en_US
dc.subject performance art en_US
dc.subject sculpture en_US
dc.subject illegal dumping en_US
dc.title Something Out of Nothing: A Conversation on Waste en_US
dc.type Thesis en Master of Fine Arts in Art and Visual Technology en_US Master's en Art and Visual Technology en George Mason University en

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