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Usenet History

It is fitting that the history of Usenet be written in its own medium, and by those who built it from their own commitment and sense of community. To that end, the ECHO team has created this survey to record the memories of the "early adopters" of Usenet. We feel that future generations will be interested in reading about what it was like to participate in a major part of the Internet explosion. Please answer as many of these questions as you like. ECHO is a non-profit educational project which seeks to collect and preserve the recent history of science and technology in new media. To learn more about us, consult the "about us" page.
How long have you been on Usenet?

How did you first get involved with Usenet? Tell us about your first experience reading, posting, or responding to messages.

What type of connection did you first use to access Usenet?

If you used Usenet before 1990, what were the early days like? How has Usenet changed over time?

Tell us about the most memorable experience or exchange you've had on Usenet.

How has Usenet affected you and/or the communities related to the newsgroups you participate in?

Which groups do you use the most?

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