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Shooting A One-of-a-Kind Shot: the best 1,500 square feet in America

Show simple item record Reston Land Corporation 2009-08-21T19:06:17Z 2009-08-21T19:06:17Z 1997-01-03 en_US
dc.identifier.other 00000258_1 en_US
dc.language.iso en_US en_US
dc.relation.uri en_US
dc.subject New Towns en_US
dc.subject Reston (Va.) en_US
dc.subject Best Small House '84 en_US
dc.subject Classic Country Cottage en_US
dc.title Shooting A One-of-a-Kind Shot: the best 1,500 square feet in America en_US
dc.type News release en_US
dc.source.extent 28 cm x 21.6 cm en_US
dc.source.repository Special Collections and Archives, George Mason University en_US
wrlc.object.color 24-Bit Color en_US
wrlc.capture.device ScanJet IIc en_US
wrlc.source.folder 2 en_US
wrlc.object.resolution 100dpi en_US
wrlc.collection.identifier pcar en_US
wrlc.source.item 12 en_US
wrlc.object.pages 1 en_US
dc.subject.corpname House Beatiful Magazine en_US
dc.subject.corpname American Wood Council en_US
dc.subject.corpname Reston Land Corporation en_US
dc.subject.corpname Felix Construction Company en_US
dc.subject.corpname Seneca Falls Greenhouses and Nursery en_US
dc.subject.corpname Plaza One en_US
dc.subject.corpname Woodward & Lothrop en_US
dc.subject.persname McCandless, Peter en_US
dc.subject.persname Guttilla, Carolyn en_US
dc.source.medium paper en_US June 8, 1984 en_US 278 en_US
wrlc.capture.operator DJB en_US OCLC ScanStation 1.0 en_US

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