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The Higher Education Program prepares new and mid-level professionals for careers in higher education at community colleges and 4-year institutions, as well as in associations, government agencies, and industries whose activities relate to or impact higher education.

The program provides grounding in the principles and practices of higher education. It strives to produce informed and reflective practitioners and researchers who are knowledgeable about current best practices and flexible enough to adapt to new situations.


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    Internationalization of the U.S. College Curriculum: An Interdisciplinary Inquiry of Faculty Awareness of Their Roles and Responsibilities
    Sharif, Marilyn K.; Sharif, Marilyn K.; Arminio, Jan
    Although institutions of higher education are responding to global changes in the 21st century by internationalizing (or globalizing) their campuses and programs, recent literature indicates little is known about faculty awareness of their roles and responsibilities for the process of internationalizing their curriculum (IoC). This dissertation presents findings from a case study conducted in 2015 at one large public research university in the United States of America that engages in comprehensive internationalization (CI). Using Repko, Szostak, and Buchberger’s (2014) Broad Model of Interdisciplinary Research and mixed methods, the study addressed two questions: What is faculty awareness of their roles and responsibilities for internationalizing the U.S college curriculum? How does their course content reflect this awareness? The goals of this study were to (a) add new understanding of IoC from the faculty perspective on this topic by applying the Repko et al. interdisciplinary research approach to a complex problem in international higher education, and (b) raise questions for further research. Findings included “faculty voice” on IoC, challenges they perceived, and suggestions made for faculty engagement in IoC.
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    Youth's Aspirations for Social Mobility in the Yemen Arab Republic
    Sharif, Marilyn Kay
    An examination of secondary school youth's aspirations for social mobility in the Yemen Arab Republic. Masters Thesis completed at the American University of Beirut, 1973.
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    China's Re-Emergence: Sociolinguistic Challenges Faced by Chinese International Students Enrolled in U.S. Universities
    (Phi Beta Delta Honor Society for International Scholars, 2011-09) Sharif, Marilyn K.; Osterling, Jorge P.
    In the 21st century, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) is reemerging and reengaging in the world on all fronts. One area of this reengagement is the huge increase in the number of Chinese students who are studying abroad. This paper discusses and analyzes the academic experiences of the growing number of Chinese international students who are enrolled in institutions of high- er education (IHE) in the United States of America (US). Specifically, it reports the results of ongoing qualitative research on the sociolinguistic experiences and challenges faced by PRC stu- dents who are participating in international programs at the Commonwealth of Virginia’s George Mason University (GMU). The paper focuses on the academic English language challenges experienced by both undergraduate and graduate Chinese students at GMU as they transition from their home universities in the PRC and continue their higher education in the US, and it suggests an approach for achieving cultural awareness learning.
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