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    SoTL Strategic Planning Worksheet
    (2022) Lukes, Laura; Baum, Liesl; Brantmeier, Ed; Case, Kim; Abbot, Sophia; Henry, Dayna; Taggart, Jessica; Wells, Melissa; Wheeler, Lindsay
    The purpose of this document is to guide faculty developers or other administrators, who are tasked with leading Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) initiatives or programming that aim to engage/support faculty in SoTL work at their institution of higher education, to reflect on their own or their institution’s past SoTL programming leadership experience(s); think through the details of their aspirational and future plans in the context of their current institution; and provide a venue to receive peer feedback on specific aspects of their SoTL strategic plans.
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    Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Program Taxonomy
    (2022) Lukes, Laura; Abbot, Sophia; Henry, Dayna; Baum, Liesl; Wells, Melissa; Wheeler, Lindsay; Case, Kim; Brantmeier, Ed
    The purpose of this document is to offer a common language and organizational structure for understanding a variety of SoTL program models. While the SoTL Program Taxonomy was initially developed to support educational developers who may be tasked with leading SoTL program support for their institutions, this tool may also be helpful to a range of scholars and practitioners across higher education who are seeking ideas for how to support SoTL. This document contains an overview of the Taxonomy organized by program type and a detailed description of each model. This document also includes a brief example of each model to further support readers’ envisioning of program possibilities. Because this document was derived from our Community of Practice (see Lukes et al., in press), the examples that follow draw predominantly on our respective institutions. Examples drawn from beyond our institutions were generated during group discussions and workshops that applied this tool.