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This collection contains images of art owned by or on display at George Mason University.


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    Inventory: Paintings from 1997 - 2006
    (2007-02-08T15:27:09Z) Green, Tom
    Exhibition held at the George Mason University Fine Arts Gallery, Fairfax, Virginia, January 30-February 21, 2007.
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    Art and Visual Technology Graduate Students Exhibition 2006
    (2007-01-10T20:58:55Z) Watkins, Sean; Kojima, Mai; Fairfax, Jennifer; Pichocki, Jillian; Clements, Jessica; Herce, Clarita; Wondimu, Solomon T.; Muirhead, Jake; Brew, Charl Ann
    2006 Art and Visual Technology Graduate Students' Exhibition. The exhibition contains 12 works of art by nine graduate student artists.
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    George Mason University's 19th-century Italian gouache paintings
    (2006-11-14T19:02:55Z) George Mason University
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    Shakyamuni Buddha: the historical Buddha with scenes from his life
    (2006-11-14T19:01:52Z) George Mason University
    Shakyamuni Buddha, the sage of the Shakya clan, is seated in the midst of scenes from his final, historical life. The golden-skinned Buddha touches the earth with his right hand, a traditional gesture signifying the moment of his enlightenment. In his left hand he holds a begging bowl filled with rice shaped into a relic mound (stupa). Fourteen vignettes around the primeter of the painting depict the life of the Buddha as a mortal, beginning at the top and proceeding in a clockwise direction.
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    The Heritage Quilt
    (2006-11-14T19:01:19Z) George Mason University
    This is a pamphlet describing The Heritage Quilt. The quilt, which was completed in 1984, was designed by Joanne Johnson in a variation of the Baltimore Album quilt style and was aplliquéd and quilted more than 30 Northern Virginia Women. Frances Griffith was the master quilter. The 10-foot-by-12-foot quilt contains 35 15-inch squares, each crafted with 36 quilting stitches per square inch. Quatrefoils separate the images, and a traditional swag-and-tassel border surrounds the entire design. Quilt is installed at the Center for the Arts Concert Hall. The front cover of this pamphlet contains a typo. In the first paragraph, which lists the quilters who took part in this project, Carolyn Peterson is identified incorrectly as "Marilyn Peterson".
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    The Arts on the Fairfax Campus
    George Mason University brochure with list of artworks at the Fairfax Campus; Includes campus map with locations of buildings and artworks.