A Value Model-Based Decision Framework for an Enterprise Data Architecture



Fitzpatrick, Kelly

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The objective of this paper is to improve an organization's decision-making process for developing an enterprise data architecture. Enterprise data architectures are complex systems with multiple users who have com- peting objectives for the system. When developing an enterprise data architecture, it can be hard to satisfy all the organizations goals and maintain a consistent development plan. The development team building the enterprise data architecture needs a robust decision- making process to help them determine the architecture design for the organization. The process needs to be able to quickly support questions that arise throughout the development of the system. The goal is to reduce the amount of time answering questions after a decision has been made on the architecture design and development plan. The solution presented is a framework that uses value focused decision analysis and model-based systems engineering to develop a parametric model which can be used to identify the best architecture design for the organization and support answering questions the organization's leadership might ask [1].



Enterprise data architecture, Big data architecture, Model-based systems engineering, Multi-objective decision analysis, Decision analysis, Value focused decision making