Integrating Telemedicine For Disaster Response: Testing The Emergency Telemedicine Technology Acceptance Model




Davis, Theresa Marie

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There is little evidence that technology acceptance is well understood in healthcare. The hospital environment is complex and dynamic creating a challenge when new technology is introduced because it impacts current processes and workflows which can significantly affect patient care delivery and outcomes. This study tested the effect of the Emergency Telemedicine Technology Acceptance Model (ETTAM) to predict technology acceptance scores. Managing surge capacity, a sudden increase of severely injured patients during a disaster, is a critical global issue. Mobile telemedicine was introduced into emergency departments in multiple hospital systems for activation during a simulated mass casualty incident (MCI) to leverage clinical expertise and to manage surge capacity. The success of this program was dependent on the user's acceptance of the technology. The Simulation Telemedicine Acceptance Tool (STAT) was adapted to measure technology acceptance scores.



Educational technology, Health sciences, Biomedical engineering, Diffusion of Innovation, Disaster Response, Mass Casualty Incident, Technology Acceptance Model, TeleICU, Telemedicine