S-Band QPSK Transmitter for PocketQube Satellites



Deorukhkar, Jay

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The small satellite eld has become popular amongst academia, amateur satellite (AM- SAT) community, and commercial businesses due to the miniaturization of components and smaller form factors. Speci cally, the PocketQube structure has gained attraction for its size and a ordability of launch fees. However, the size constraint makes it di cult to gener- ate power and limits the transmit power for downlink. Therefore, e cient data modulation is key to providing high data downlink rates. Also, the typical VHF and UHF frequency spectrum used for satellites is getting congested. Hence, the higher frequency bands such as S-band and X-band are gaining attraction and o er higher data bandwidth. To address both issues, an architecture to implement QPSK modulation for S-band operation is pro- posed. The design is focused on low-power PocketQubes and the implementation is targeted for academia and the AMSAT community.



PocketQube, CubeSat, QPSK, S-band, Transmitter, FPGA