Gastronomy in the Gallery


July 2015


Rinalducci, Jenna
Sheehan, Sarah
Irvin, Sarah

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Fenwick Gallery, George Mason University Libraries


From the ubiquitous red and white checks of Better Homes & Gardens New Cook Book to the amazing photography found in Modernist Cuisine, cookbooks are so much more than a collection of recipes. Cookbooks provide insight into a culture, a region, a time period or a cuisine. They are timeless and completely outdated, often at the same time. Sometimes they are not even books. Highlighting the unique collection of cookbooks, Gastronomy in the Gallery is a brief tour of this distinctive cultural and social art form. The resources featured in the exhibit come from the circulation collection, rare and historical items from Special Collections & Archives, and the growing artists’ books collection of the University Libraries. We hope this exhibit inspires, educates, and even leaves you a bit hungry.


Exhibition Catalog from Gastronomy in the Gallery exhibit at the Fenwick Gallery, George Mason University


Visual art, Artists' books, Cooking, Eating, Gastronomy, Cookbook