I ❤️ IQ: A Shader Graphing Calculator for Signed Distance Functions (SDFs)


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Shaders are useful in real time graphics and high performance computing applications as they specify computation to be run in parallel on the GPU. In the community, these shaders are often described in mathematical syntax and translating that math to executable code can be tedious and error prone. We present I ❤️ IQ, a graphing calculator of sorts for signed distance functions (SDFs) and materials that expedites the process of prototyping shaders. It provides a math-like syntax using I ❤️ LA and comes with a built-in raycasting architecture, removing the overhead of translation and implementation details. I ❤️ IQ is designed to be responsive and interactive. The system automatically detects free parameters and lets users tweak them using slider controls, allowing for seamless manipulation of the scene in real time. The code generated by I ❤️ IQ can then be exported to third party programs and used outside of the I IQ environment. The I ❤️ IQ repository can be found at https://github.com/HenroKriel/heartdown.