The Hospitality Sector Subsequent to the Great Recession



Black, Nathan

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This thesis analyzes the relationship of socioeconomic and geographic variables upon the hospitality sector in metropolitan areas across the United States and Washington D.C. in particular. I focus on the effects of the aftermath of the ‘Great Recession’ of the late 2000s as a way to understand their significance upon an area’s recovery or function. The recovery of national metropolitan areas was measured through the percent growth in payroll from 2007 to 2011while the function was measured through the percent of payroll related to tourist activity and hospitality dollars per capita. A static picture of Washington D.C. was analyzed to gain an understanding of the number of employees in an establishment for 2010. A greater understanding of the relationship between these variables and the hospitality sector could lead to better decision-making processes for how to prioritize investments or emphasize an area.



Tourism, Hospitality, Reception