Using Force Sensing Resistor to Evaluate Lateral Earth Pressure Distribution Between Closely Spaced Geosynthetic Reinforcements



Bhattarai, Tshreya

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Mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) structures have been in use around the world for many years and are constructed with a variety of reinforcement types and spacing. In most applications, the common approach is to construct MSE structures with the largest reinforcement spacing allowed. However, recently for bridge abutment applications, there have been many MSE structures constructed with geotextile reinforcements vertically spaced as low as 100 mm apart. Evaluating the lateral stress distribution between such closely spaced structures is a challenging task as the conventional instruments to measure earth pressures take up the entire space in between the reinforcements. The focus of this research was to evaluate the suitability of using a new instrument referred as force sensing resistor (FSR) system (only 25.4 by 25.4 mm in size) to evaluate lateral stress distribution in between closely spaced reinforcements. The research was conducted using a model scale MSE wall constructed in the laboratory. Results were obtained both with and without reinforcements and compared against the existing theoretical lateral earth pressure distributions and a data obtained from a commercially available earth pressure cell. The comparison of the data shows that FSR could be a viable tool to measure lateral earth pressures in such close spacing



Geotextiles, Lateral earth pressure distribution, Force sensing receptors, Closely spaced reinforcements