Revising Academic Library Governance Handbooks.




Stevens, Jen
Calcagno, Theresa
Holland, Claudia C.
Putnam, Nathan

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In the Library with the Lead Pipe


Regardless of our status (tenure track, non-tenure track, staff, and/or union), academic librarians at colleges and universities may use a handbook or similar document as a framework for self-governance. These handbooks typically cover rank descriptions, promotion requirements, and grievance rights, among other topics. Unlike employee handbooks used in the corporate world, these documents may be written and maintained by academic librarians themselves1. In 2010, a group of academic librarians at George Mason University was charged with revising our Librarians' Handbook. Given the dearth of literature about academic librarians' handbooks and their revision, we anticipate our library colleagues in similar situations will benefit from our experience and recommendations.



Professional faculty, Faculty handbooks, University libraries, Governance


Stevens, J., T. Calcagno, C. C. Holland, & N. Putnam. (2015, July 1) Revising Academic Library Governance Handbooks. In the Library with the Lead Pipe . Retrieved from doi:10.13021/G87G6W