Diversity at Mason: The Pursuit of Transformative Education




Haan, Jennifer
Habib, Anna S.
Mallett, Karyn E.
Maulden, Patricia
Zawacki, Terry Myers
Zgheib, Ghania

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George Mason University


The Diversity at Mason series has been produced by the university's Diversity Research Group, which consists of an interdisciplinary group of faculty, administrators, and students who have been meeting once a semester since Spring 2004. The group has come together not out of any formal directive, but from a shared interest in the topic. And the topic? Each meeting begins with the same reminder: George Mason is a highly diverse institution, and it is diverse in ways that are fluid and multidimensional. Our students represent an extraordinary diversity of geographic origin, religion, age, and disability; they are immigrants and the children of immigrants, refugees and the children of refugees, veterans of American military service and the children of those in the military; they represent traditional American race and ethnic categories as well as those forging new understandings of sexuality and gender. The Diversity Research Group has been founded on the conviction that the breadth of our student diversity merits study. What is the educational impact of such diversity? What does diversity mean in this context? How is this diversity understood by our students, faculty, and staff? Like the other volumes in the Diversity at Mason series, this fifth issue shows us the complexity beneath questions.



Student life, Diversity, International students