Student Designed Science Games: A Study of the Design Process, Artifacts, and Attitudes in a Constructivist and Constructionist Learning Environment




Khalili, Neda

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Video games as pedagogy is an interest to the educational research community, both in creating games for learning and for learning through creating games. This research study takes the latter approach, putting students in charge of creating their own video games based on science topics with which they were previously unfamiliar. It provided the opportunity for students to learn about and explore their understanding of the topics while designing their games. Students worked closely with a scientist from the Federation of American Scientists (FAS), who also had experience in the design of educational science games. The purpose of this study was to follow the design process students undertook when placed in a constructivist and constructionist learning environment with available tools and support to complete their games.



Educational technology, Computer science, Constructionism, Design, Game Maker, Science, Student, Video games