Global Perspectives on Digital History




Haber, Peter
Hodel, Jan
Kelly, Mills
Ludington, Dan

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Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media


2011-2013. Similar to Digital Humanities Now, Global Perspectives on Digital History was a WordPress publication that aggregated and selected material from a larger set of hundreds of blogs, institutional sites, and other feeds for republication and amplification. The four editors worked together to follow the feeds and choose content. As part of the PressForward project, they experimented with publishing and peer review workflows made possible by digital media. The focus was specifically on digital history but with a global scope. Global Perspectives on Digital History was a multilingual publication, posting in English, German, and French (with the original goal of expanding to other world languages). In addition to news items and Editors’ Choice pieces, Global Perspectives on Digital History also featured Short Takes, which were posts that offered brief but important insight into digital history around the world. Formerly hosted at


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