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    Journal of Digital Humanities
    (Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media, 2015) Rhody, Lisa; Troyano, Joan Fragaszy; Westcott, Stephanie; Morton, Amanda; Reagan, Amanda; Schneider, Benjamin; Hoffman, Sasha; Wieringa, Jeri; Bestebreurtje, Lindsey; Cohen, Dan
    The Journal of Digital Humanities, or JDH, was a peer-reviewed, open access journal created as an experiment in scholarly communication on the open web. In conjunction with Digital Humanities Now, it served as a critical case study for the PressForward project and was funded by the first PressForward grant (2011-2014) from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. The journal, a WordPress site, was made up of works selected as Editors’ Choice on Digital Humanities Now. Authors of the best and most influential Editors’ Choice pieces from the previous quarter, as measured by interest, transmission, and response, were invited to revise and expand their pieces for publication in the journal. New work was sometimes solicited, particularly reviews of digital tools and projects, to promote peer review of non-traditional scholarship often not covered by other publications. Prior to publication, the digital humanities community was invited to participate in open peer review of items selected for the journal. The journal published six issues between winter 2011 and spring 2014 before going on indefinite hiatus. As an experimental in-house publication, JDH accomplished the goal of generating insight into the digital publishing process, which became critical as PressForward worked to launch similar publications with a wide range of partner organizations during its second (2014-2015) and third (2015-2018) phases. Hosted at
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    Digital Humanities Now
    (Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media, 2021) Cohen, Daniel; Takats, Sean; Buck, Brandon; Howlett, Dan; Meyer, Dana; Stinson, Kris; Swain, Greta; Walters Cooper, LaQuanda; Crossley, Laura; Bestebreurtje, Lindsey; Fragaszy Troyano, Joan; Hoffman, Sasha; Rhody, Lisa M.; Schneider, Benjamin; Wieringa, Jeri; Morton, Amanda; Regan, Amanda; Catalano, Joshua; Westcott, Stephanie; Fahringer, Alyssa Toby; Harnett, Caitlin
    Digital Humanities Now was an experimental, edited publication that highlighted and distributed informally published digital humanities scholarship and resources from the open web. Begun in November 2009, DHNow explored processes of aggregation, discovery, curation, and review to facilitate open and extend conversations about the digital humanities research and practice. DHNow was an experiment in contemporary scholarly communication practices, and served as a case study for the development of PressForward, a plugin for WordPress. DHNow aggregated potential content via RSS from a list of subscribed feeds, which included hundreds of venues where high-quality digital humanities scholarship was likely to appear, such as the personal websites of scholars, institutional sites, blogs, and other feeds—and was open for anyone to join. The project also sought out new material by monitoring Twitter and other social media for stories discussed by the community, and by continuously scanning the broader web through generalized and specialized search engines. Editors-at-Large also directly nominated content from their own networks. The aggregated material was reviewed, nominated, and discussed directly in the site’s WordPress installation using the PressForward plugin. Each week volunteer Editors-at-Large used the plugin to survey the incoming content from both subscribed feeds and their own networks and nominate content for broader dissemination through DHNow. Next, a rotating Editor-in-Chief selected content for publication on DHNow. The site manager then created a brief post on DHNow, linking back to the original content in order to direct attention, conversation, and site hits to the creator.
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    Global Perspectives on Digital History
    (Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media, 2013) Haber, Peter; Hodel, Jan; Kelly, Mills; Ludington, Dan
    2011-2013. Similar to Digital Humanities Now, Global Perspectives on Digital History was a WordPress publication that aggregated and selected material from a larger set of hundreds of blogs, institutional sites, and other feeds for republication and amplification. The four editors worked together to follow the feeds and choose content. As part of the PressForward project, they experimented with publishing and peer review workflows made possible by digital media. The focus was specifically on digital history but with a global scope. Global Perspectives on Digital History was a multilingual publication, posting in English, German, and French (with the original goal of expanding to other world languages). In addition to news items and Editors’ Choice pieces, Global Perspectives on Digital History also featured Short Takes, which were posts that offered brief but important insight into digital history around the world. Formerly hosted at
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    American History Now: Explorations in Digital Curation
    (Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media, 2014) O'Malley, Michael
    2013-2014. American History Now was a WordPress publication developed as part of the PressForward project. As part of the broad effort to redefine scholarly communication in the digital age, American History Now sought to use digital media to make the peer review process more open, facilitate intellectual discussion, and build a community of readers. Conceived as an experiment in digital curation focused on collecting, juxtaposing, and framing ideas, American History Now eschewed a long pre-publication peer review and editing process. Instead, all relevant content submitted was accepted for immediate publication and opened to peer review through comments by readers. American History Now republished work found elsewhere and solicited original material. The first and only “issue” of American History Now was dedicated to vinyl, its history, and its current place in American culture. The original plan was to turn the scholarship on the site into an ebook exhibit at the end of the project in April 2014, but that final step was never completed.
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    (Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media, 2018) Troyano, Joan Fragaszy; Cohen, Dan; Scheinfeldt, Tom; Rhody, Lisa; Bestebreurtje, Lindsey; Hoffman, Sasha; Morton, Amanda; Olson, Eric; Wieringa, Jeri; Schneider, Ben; Bratt, Jordan; Westcott, Stephanie; Takats, Sean; Zucker-Scharff, Aram; Gorges, Boone; Regan, Amanda; Catalano, Joshua; Crossley, Laura
    2011-2018. This is the WordPress website for the PressForward project. It contains resources on using the PressForward WordPress plugin and numerous blog posts documenting the history of the project. The blog posts include updates on the technical development of the plugin and reflections on experimenting with the digital editorial process.